Ci-Ci's Journey

Start Date: 1/13/14

Height: 5'7

SW: 224

CW: 221

GW 1: 190 -nails done

GW 2: 183- buy a pair of shoes

GW 2: 175 - Call mom and cry about how happy you are (order the Naked make-up)

GW 3: 165 - go to the club and give a guy my number

GW 4: 150- get a message

GW 5:145 - New Bathing Suit

GW: 140 - Get a new outfit from Pacsun

UGW: 130 Get New Camera

I am 19 years old about to turn 20. I want to make a change for myself. I want to be healthier, fit, I want a new me. My entire life I have been overweight and every year I add more and more. This year it has to stop. I have tried to stop countless times before, but I have quit. I don't want to quit anymore. I want 2014 to be the year my year. The year I get my life in order. I want to show the world what is really inside me, by having it shine. I am an athletic, down to earth individual who wants to feel unstoppable. I have hidden behind my weight for so long I think its time to break it down and shine. Shine Bright Like A Diamond.


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